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Liberty Line was founded in Genoa in 1993, originally offering Videotel services. Soon, however, the communication software IRIDIUM96 was developped.

In the following years this software got installed in over 200 public facilities, that is pubs or taverns all over Italy. This happened before the appearance of internet points and thus people had the possibility to use the chat programme developped by Liberty Line also outside their homes. IRIDIUM96 became a real success from 1995 until 1998.

Due to its wide diffusion it encouraged the interest of young people in this kind of communication medium. Since 1998 Liberty Line has dealt with the following two domains:

1. The development of PHP - Internet applications (E-commerce and personalized applications)

2. The development and commercialization of a little administration software called LibertyCommerce (, which has recently been translated into German ( and English (

These two areas have come to be the core business of the company and will lead to even more success in the following years.

Our offices are in Genoa - Italy
Tel. +39010591926/ +390104074703
Fax. +390104206799

Chi Siamo